Installing OpenCV on Mac (Maybe Windows too)

I just thought I’d have a play about with OpenCV (Python Version) but had a few problems installing it on my Mac. I would assume the same problem occurs on Windows too as the problem seems to be installing it simply with Anaconda Python.

So to start, I am using Anaconda Python and I don’t know what the side effects of this will be (i.e. it might update some other things which can cause you a problem).

First install OpenCV by running this in the terminal window….

conda install -c opencv3

Once I run this I tried import cv2 in a python script but it failed giving this error…

libopencv_hdf.3.1.dylib requires version 12.0.0 or later, etc…

So next I updated h5py by reinstalling it using this…

conda install h5py

It worked…!

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