Literature Review

The PhD thesis is apparently 80,000 words and approximately 10 chapters. Sounds a little daunting at first. I think I did 18,000 for my MSc project. We so far I’ve been plodding on with the literature review mainly looking at Home Telehealth Monitoring trials. At first it started getting messy with notes getting lost and swapping backwards and forwards between papers.

I then found I have to do a short report as part of my 6 month review. Being a typical male I’m good at working to a set goal so I started putting that together, then I thought this should be a paper. Even better. Anyways, to cut a long story short, I’ve just finished a draft of a paper looking at the methods used in clinical heart failure trials. Going to submit it to my supervisor tomorrow, hopefully not too much to change then off to the journals. Happy days.

The cool bit

The really cool thing about it is that that work, with a little tweaking, will form the majority of one of my chapters. So 2 months in and 10% done. Happy days.