No post December

Just realised I haven’t updated the blog this month. Which seems odd.

Well I’ve been pretty busy, started the month with a interim project review/update meeting. It felt like a pretty big deal but it was good to have my first paper drafted which showed really good progress.  The hardest part is balancing the ideas of multiple experts in the field who all think the project can go in different ways. In this review I have two professors, two senior academics and my very senior (and experienced) industrial supervisor.

Since then, which was only 2 weeks ago, I’ve been playing with data and looking at predictive modeling for 1 year survival. The idea is to see if we can using a multi layer perceptron (MLP) to see if we can identify patients at higher risk and therefore focus our treatment.

So far the results are looking pretty good. But now I need to have a look at interpreting the confusion matrix in more detail, including accuracy, specificity, sensitivity and precision.

Next I think I should compare the results using other classification techniques.