R vs Matlab vs Python


This post is planned to be an ongoing thought process. I’ve used Matlab when doing my MSc in Intelligent Systems and Robotics at De Montfort University Centre for Computational Intelligence. When I started using it I thought ‘wow this is cutting edge’ and enjoyed using it (apart from constant alt-tab between windows). So far I’ve used Matlab for:

  • Developing (and teaching) Fuzzy Log, both GUI and code
  • Developing (and teaching) Artificial Neural Networks (Perceptron, Pattern Net, etc) using the KDD 1999 Network Data
  • Robotics Simulation (iRobot Create)

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Data Linkage and Anonymisation Workshop

Just got back from a workshop held at the Turing Gateway to Mathematics in Cambridge. The event had a range of fantastic speakers discussing issues around data linkage and data privacy.

Data Linkage

Chris Dibben (University of Edinburgh) introduced the idea of linking different sets of data about subjects from multiple sources. He gave the example of how data is collected from pre-birth (pregnancy records) all the way through a persons life until death (or just after). All of this data is stored is different locations with no unique identifier.

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